To further promote your peace of mind when using our self storage facility, we have  negotiated a very affordable insurance contract with Professional Insurance so you can insure the goods you store at The Big Green Box. The premiums are so affordable owing to the highly secure nature of our site and start at as little as ZMW25.00 per 28 days for up to ZMW50,000.00 worth of goods.

Insurance is compulsory and is only available for goods stored with us at our Twin Palms site. Our staff will explain the insurance premiums to you. They are payable to us at the same time as your rental fee.

Your insurance policy is automatically terminated if your account falls into arrears. Contents with a value greater than ZMK1,500,000.00 need to be inspected by a member of Professional Insurance.

It is very important that you are meticulous in the itemization and appropriate pricing of your containerized goods. The underestimation of the value of your goods will result in a smaller amount being paid out if you need to make a claim. Similarly you must apply values to all items. Insurance companies have standard value caps that are applied to items; for example a car stereo is approximately ZMW800.00, if you had a car stereo valued at ZMW40,000.00 and had not specified this then you would be most unhappy with an insurance payout of ZMW800.00. The correct estimation of your goods and the continued update of that schedule as the goods in your container changes, is your responsibility.

Your goods are only insured whilst they are inside your container. If you have anything you need to make a claim for The Big Green Box MUST be informed before you leave the site with your goods. We have a number of measures in place to ensure ONLY you and your agents are able to enter your container. Forcible entry would need to be proved before a claim could be made for theft.

To see the insurance premium schedule click here

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