Self Storage

Storage Facility – Kabulonga

Storage Units:

20ft containers

We have 20ft shipping containers so that they are perfectly situated individual units for secure storage. The dimensions of these containers are 6.1m (length), x 2.44m (width) x 2.40m (height) providing over 35 cubic metres of storage space per container.

We looked at building a standard storage facility with blocks and roller doors such as those found in other parts of the world. However, we did not feel that units made in this way would be secure enough to ensure our client’s total peace of mind. The steel sides and doors along with multiple locking points make shipping containers the most secure option for a self storage facility.

In addition we have very extreme weather conditions in Zambia. Due to their maritime design, shipping containers are designed to be wind and water proof and owing to the materials they are made from they are considered very fire resistant.


For those only requiring a small space, we have built cages about 5 cubic metres in size, inside a standard shipping container.

Different options for rent:

We can also provide:

  • alarmed containers as an additional security measure
  • a Sissalation or Alububble ceiling for heat sensitive goods
  • shelving, which is available in 3 metre blocks

Rental period: 

The rental period is 28 days – you can find the pricing on our rates page – click here


We have made the security of The Big Green Box’s Kabulonga site our absolute priority. We have a state of the art, security system with electric fences, internal palisade fencing, laser beams, multiple alarms, monitored CCTV and armed security guards. We have a rapid response linked to a breach at any level.

To ensure vigilant nighttime protection our security guards are contacted by their head office every half an hour and our CCTV output is monitored at head office from when we close at 5pm to when we reopen at 8am each morning.

What you can store:

If is legal and non explosive, you can store it with us at The Big Green Box! Our storage units are perfect for:

  • furniture/household goods
  • company archives/bulk paperwork
  • vehicles/motorbikes
  • palletized goods/stock overflow
  • supplies for businesses based outside of Lusaka

Heat prevention: 

We have mounted heavy shade cloth above the containers and painted the roofs white to reflect any sunlight that does get through, which has drastically reduced the internal temperatures. For particularly heat sensitive goods you can rent a container with a sissalation/alububble ceiling at an additional cost.


We have developed an extremely reasonable insurance product in conjunction with Professional Insurance for goods stored at The Big Green Box facility to provide you with that extra peace of mind. Please click here to learn more about it.


Access to your stored items is restricted to office hours, which are:

0800-1700 Monday to Friday

0830-1230 Saturdays


Here we have available our ‘Guide to Self Storage’, which will tell you everything you need to know about renting storage space with us, as well as our licence agreement. The licence agreement you need to print, read, sign (each page) and bring along with you when you first come in to pay for your space.

A Guide to Self storage

Download the Onsite Licence Agreement